Episode 42 - Pat Kane

#42: Pat Kane

In Episode 42 of Apolitical we welcome musician and writer Pat Kane to the show. A long-term supporter of Scottish independence, Pat – best known to many as half of the successful duo Hue & Cry – has been a prominent voice in the constitutional debate before, during and since the referendum campaign.  

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Season 2 Episode 1 - Angela Haggerty

#32: Angela Haggerty 2

In Episode 32 of Apolitical we welcome back Angela Haggerty as our first guest of Season 2. Angela was also a guest early in Season 1 and joins us to discuss the fallout from her recent sacking as a Sunday Herald columnist.   Magnus Llewellin, Editor-in-Chief of the Herald Group of newpapers, was offered an opportunity […]

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Episode 25 - James McEnaney

#25: James McEnaney

In Episode 25 of Apolitical we speak with James McEnaney, an educator and writer who contributes a regular column to Common Space. We chat about diversity in the ‘Yes’ movement; the impact of Jeremy Corbyn’s election on Scottish politics; and the Scottish education system.  

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Episode 24 - David Torrance

#24: David Torrance

In Episode 24 of Apolitical we speak with David Torrance, the political writer and journalist known for his biographies of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon and for his regular television appearances. We chat about his work; the scope of political debate in the UK; and his current take on the constitutional situation in Scotland.  

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Episode 23 - John MacKay

#23: John MacKay

In Episode 23 of Apolitical we speak with John MacKay, the STV anchorman and author whose new book, Notes of a Newsman, tracks the changes in Scotland over his career. We chat about his work; memorable moments from a long news career; and about the inspiration behind his new book.  

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Episode 22 - Christopher Silver

#22: Christopher Silver

In Episode 22 of Apolitical we speak with Christopher Silver, a writer and film-maker who has authored a book titled The Case for a Scottish Media, available soon. We chat about his thoughts on the traditional Scottish media and where he thinks improvements are required.  

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Episode 20 - David Clegg

#20: David Clegg

In Episode 20 of Apolitical we speak with David Clegg, the Daily Record’s Political Editor and reigning Scottish Political Journalist of the Year. We chat about his work; the Daily Record’s decision to endorse Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership; the challenges facing traditional media outlets as they adapt to developing technology and changing consumer behaviours; and […]

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