Episode 44 - Remain: EU Referendum Special

#44: Remain: EU Referendum Special

In Episode 44 of Apolitical we discuss the case for Remaining in the European Union with Ross Greer MSP, the Scottish Greens’ spokesman on Europe and external affairs.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Ross on the podcast are:

• His personal reasons for supporting a Remain vote;

• Whether the EU’s treatment of Greece has damaged it;

• How comfortable he is with standing for the same objective as senior Westminster Conservatives;

• Whether the EU can be reformed;

• How the EU benefits the environment and how it impacts Scotland’s fishing industry;

• How the murder of Jo Cox relates to the referendum campaign and the challenges of campaigning sensitively in the wake of such an event;

• Plans for the last few days of the campaign;


• Ross’ prediction for the outcome of the Referendum.


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