Episode 20 - David Clegg

#20: David Clegg

In Episode 20 of Apolitical we speak with David Clegg, the Daily Record’s Political Editor and reigning Scottish Political Journalist of the Year. We chat about his work; the Daily Record’s decision to endorse Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership; the challenges facing traditional media outlets as they adapt to developing technology and changing consumer behaviours; and his experiences covering the Referendum and General Election over the past couple of years – including a look at “The Vow”.



Amongst the topics we discuss with David on the podcast are:

• The career path that brought him to the Daily Record;

• How the Record came to be endorsing Jeremy Corbyn;

• What that decision means for the paper’s approach if another candidate is successful;

• Whether the prospect of conflict between Kezia Dugdale and Corbyn is appealing;

• The challenges facing traditional media outlets with the decline in newspaper circulation;

• His feelings on social media and the value of Twitter as a journalistic tool;

• His memories of covering the Referendum and how the General Election campaign felt different;


• Whether the “Vow” has achieved what the Record hoped it would.


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