Episode 15 - James Cook

#15: James Cook

In Episode 15 of Apolitical we speak with James Cook, until recently the Scotland Correspondent and now Los Angeles Correspondent for BBC News. We chat about his experiences covering the Independence Referendum in 2014 and the General Election in 2015; allegations of bias in BBC reporting; and the things he’ll miss about Scottish politics when he […]

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Episode 9 - Ian Dunn

#9: Ian Dunn

In Episode 9 of apolitical we speak with Ian Dunn, Deputy Editor of the Scottish Catholic Observer and a columnist with CommonSpace. We chat about the part religion plays in politics; the influence of the Catholic Church on the voting habits of its adherents; and his challenging views on the difficulties facing the SNP in the future. […]

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Episode 7 - Angela Haggerty

#7: Angela Haggerty

In Episode 7 of apolitical we speak with Angela Haggerty, Editor of CommonSpace, a new media news service created by the Common Weal think tank. We chat about political journalism in Scotland, threats to freedom of speech and Angela’s experiences with criminal levels of abuse on social media.  

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Episode 5 - James Kelly

#5: James Kelly

In Episode 5 of apolitical we speak with James Kelly, a political blogger and amateur psephologist, about the value and nature of opinion polls, what they taught us about the 2015 General Election campaign and what we can look forward to in terms of polls for the next year or two.  

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