Episode 23 - John MacKay

#23: John MacKay

In Episode 23 of Apolitical we speak with John MacKay, the STV anchorman and author whose new book, Notes of a Newsman, tracks the changes in Scotland over his career. We chat about his work; memorable moments from a long news career; and about the inspiration behind his new book.



Amongst the topics we discuss with John on the podcast are:

• His interest in politics and how it led to a career in journalism;

• Starting his professional life at the Sunday Post and his dreams of working at the Evening Times;

• How he made the leap into broadcast journalism;

• Life at the BBC as a young newsman;

• The fascinating story behind his switch to STV;

• Highlights of his broadcasting career;

• The inspiration behind Notes of a Newsman;

• Covering Scotland’s independence referendum and his favourite moment of the campaign;

• A remarkable close-quarters encounter with a shirtless Alex Salmond;

•The uncertain future for political journalism in Scotland;


• The events he expects to make headlines in the year ahead.


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  1. Really enjoyed this interview Iain. I’m curious, what were your own impressions being in the Scotland Tonight Studio / Set? Was it as you had expected? Will be listening to more of these, really like your style, your tone and respectful manner, works well.

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