Episode 22 - Christopher Silver

#22: Christopher Silver

In Episode 22 of Apolitical we speak with Christopher Silver, a writer and film-maker who has authored a book titled The Case for a Scottish Media, available soon. We chat about his thoughts on the traditional Scottish media and where he thinks improvements are required.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Christopher on the podcast are:

• His early exposure to politics;

• The appeal of issue- and community-based politics in comparison with party politics;

• Reflections on the Referendum period;

• How he sees the present state of the Scottish media;

• Progress on his book and whether it will be out soon;

• What the book seeks to do;

• Distinguishing between mainstream and ‘alternative’ media;

• Financing news media in Scotland;

•Why the overwhelming majority of ‘alternative’ media comes from a pro-independence background;


• How he sees Scotland’s media developing in the coming years.


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