Episode 18 - Carolyn Scott

#18: Carolyn Scott

In Episode 18 of Apolitical we speak with Carolyn Scott who is a writer, presenter and producer on NewsShaft and a founder of News Scotland CIC. We chat about ‘new media’, News Scotland CIC’s programming and her interest in issue-based politics.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Carolyn on the podcast are:

• Her introduction to political activism;

• Whether she has ambitions of a career in politics;

• The genesis of News Scotland CIC;

• The strengths of developing ‘new media’ sources in Scotland;

• The benefits and drawbacks of online-only media;

• Why News Scotland didn’t eventually launch a Scottish digital TV channel;

• What ‘new media’ offers that traditional media doesn’t;

• Sustainable funding models for ‘new media’;

• NewsShaft and other News Scotland CIC projects;

• Her approach to issue-based politics and whether causes are being overwhelmed by the independence movement;

• The case for electoral reform at Westminster; and

• Her assessment of the future for ‘new media’ and News Scotland CIC.


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