Season 2 Episode 3 - Cat Boyd

#34: Cat Boyd

In Episode 34 of Apolitical we welcome Cat Boyd as our third guest of Season 2. Cat is the first candidate on the regional list for Glasgow for RISE, is a co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign and writes regularly for The National, CommonSpace and many other outlets.  

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Season 2 Episode 2 - Monica Lennon

#33: Cllr. Monica Lennon

In Episode 33 of Apolitical we welcome Councillor Monica Lennon as our second guest of Season 2. Monica is a councillor for Hamilton North & East and is placed second on Scottish Labour’s list for the Central Scotland region at the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections.  

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Season 2 Episode 1 - Angela Haggerty

#32: Angela Haggerty 2

In Episode 32 of Apolitical we welcome back Angela Haggerty as our first guest of Season 2. Angela was also a guest early in Season 1 and joins us to discuss the fallout from her recent sacking as a Sunday Herald columnist.   Magnus Llewellin, Editor-in-Chief of the Herald Group of newpapers, was offered an opportunity […]

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Episode 31 - Liam Stevenson

#31: Liam Stevenson

In Episode 31 of Apolitical we speak with Liam Stevenson, a co-founder of the TIE Campaign which seeks to ensure that all schools in Scotland are offering an LGBTI+ inclusive education. We chat about how he came to be involved in the campaign; why TIE is necessary; and what lies ahead for the campaign.  

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#30: Iain Bartholomew

In Episode 30 of Apolitical we look back on 2015 and forward to the new year in a special mini-episode. If there are any guests you want to see on the show please let us know, but more importantly let them know! We’re keen to speak to people from all of the political parties and from the Scottish […]

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Episode 29 - Jeane Freeman OBE

#29: Jeane Freeman OBE

In Episode 29 of Apolitical we speak with Jeane Freeman OBE, a co-founder of Women for Independence and the SNP’s candidate for Carrick, Cumnock & Doon Valley in the 2016 Holyrood elections. We chat about her journey from the Labour party to the SNP; the potential impact of tax credits reform; TTIP; and the election campaign […]

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Episode 27 - Steven Purcell

#27: Steven Purcell

In Episode 27 of Apolitical we speak with Steven Purcell, formerly a Labour Councillor and the Leader of Glasgow City Council. We chat about his time as Leader, the present situation faced by Scottish Labour and what an SNP-led council would mean for the city of Glasgow.  

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Episode 26 - Anas Hassan

#26: Anas Hassan

In Episode 26 of Apolitical we speak with Anas Hassan, a pharmacist and writer who recently missed out on selection to the SNP regional list for for Mid Scotland and Fife. In a chat recorded prior to that vote we discuss Anas’ political background and his views on SNP policy.  

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