Season 2 Episode 3 - Cat Boyd

#34: Cat Boyd

In Episode 34 of Apolitical we welcome Cat Boyd as our third guest of Season 2. Cat is the first candidate on the regional list for Glasgow for RISE, is a co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign and writes regularly for The National, CommonSpace and many other outlets.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Cat on the podcast are:

• Her early introduction to politics;

• What inspired her activism and how it developed during the referendum campaign;

• Her political icons;

• What RISE is and how it can be distinguished from other groups and from political parties;

• Thoughts on setting the rate of Income Tax in Scotland;

• Encountering and fighting mysogyny;


• Her outlook on Scotland’s future.


Please join us in discussing these issues or any other raised in the podcast below, or find us on Twitter at @apoliticalpod.


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Show Links:

Cat on Twitter
The Left Project
RISE: Scotland’s Left Alliance
Radical Independence Campaign
The National

Photo courtesy of CommonSpace/Cat Boyd


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