Episode 27 - Steven Purcell

#27: Steven Purcell

In Episode 27 of Apolitical we speak with Steven Purcell, formerly a Labour Councillor and the Leader of Glasgow City Council. We chat about his time as Leader, the present situation faced by Scottish Labour and what an SNP-led council would mean for the city of Glasgow.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Steven on the podcast are:

• His early interest in politics and the politicians that inspired him;

• The roles he held on Glasgow City Council and his rapid progression to Leader;

• His parliamentary ambitions;

• The truth behind allegations of gangland influence on Council decisions;

• The end of his time as Leader and whether there are any prospects of a political comeback;

• How SNP-led councils could affect the relationship between the Scottish Government and local authorities after the 2017 local elections;

• Labour’s prospects of retaining control of Glasgow City Council in that election;

• The strategy he’d deploy were he Labour Leader in Glasgow today;

• Whether Councillors should be full-time positions and how that would affect the level of available talent and voter engagement with local politics;


• His diagnosis and analysis of the present state of play for Scottish Labour.


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