Episode 5 - James Kelly

#5: James Kelly

In Episode 5 of apolitical we speak with James Kelly, a political blogger and amateur psephologist, about the value and nature of opinion polls, what they taught us about the 2015 General Election campaign and what we can look forward to in terms of polls for the next year or two.  

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Episode 4 - Gillian Martin

#4: Gillian Martin

In Episode 4 of apolitical we speak with Gillian Martin, an SNP activist and North East Scotland Exec for Women for Independence about gender equality in Scottish politics and the increasing importance placed on individual party leaders over policy and local candidates at UK Elections.  

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Episode 3 - Ross Greer

#3: Ross Greer

In Episode 3 of apolitical we speak with Ross Greer, the Scottish Greens’ Head of Development, about his political background, what drew him to the Greens and what he hopes to achieve in politics. We discuss the development of the Scottish Greens and their future prospects along with a range of other issues.  

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Episode 2 - Natalie McGarry

#2: Natalie McGarry

In Episode 2, apolitical spoke with Natalie McGarry to discuss her politicised childhood, the 2015 General Election campaign and the benefits & perils of using social media as a politically active individual. In this Episode you will learn a little more about the background and motivations of the challenger for Margaret Curran’s Glasgow East constituency and […]

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Episode 1 - Duncan Hothersall

#1: Duncan Hothersall

In Episode 1, apolitical sat down with Duncan Hothersall to discuss his political roots, heroes and ambitions. For anyone familiar only with Duncan’s high-volume, opinionated and occasionally confrontational Twitter contributions here is an opportunity to decide whether that persona is a true representation. Duncan is a member of the Scottish Fabians, chair of the constituency Labour Party for […]

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