Episode 1 - Duncan Hothersall

#1: Duncan Hothersall

In Episode 1, apolitical sat down with Duncan Hothersall to discuss his political roots, heroes and ambitions. For anyone familiar only with Duncan’s high-volume, opinionated and occasionally confrontational Twitter contributions here is an opportunity to decide whether that persona is a true representation. Duncan is a member of the Scottish Fabians, chair of the constituency Labour Party for Edinburgh South and is a high profile activist for Scottish Labour.



Amongst the topics Hothersall discusses on the podcast are:

• How many Labour MPs will survive the General Election;

• His ambitions for a future in politics and elected office;

• How political activism led to his involvement in party politics;

• The impact of Social Media on Scottish politics; and

• The reaction from inside Labour to his Twitter activities.


Please join us in discussing these issues or any other raised in the podcast below, or find us on Twitter at @apoliticalpod.


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