Episode 2 - Natalie McGarry

#2: Natalie McGarry

In Episode 2, apolitical spoke with Natalie McGarry to discuss her politicised childhood, the 2015 General Election campaign and the benefits & perils of using social media as a politically active individual. In this Episode you will learn a little more about the background and motivations of the challenger for Margaret Curran’s Glasgow East constituency and her hopes for Glasgow’s – and Scotland’s – future.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Ms. McGarry on the podcast are:

• Why she wants to represent Glasgow East at Westminster;

• How working in Women for Independence helped her overcome a lifelong fear;

• The lessons she’s learned from making mistakes on Social Media;

• How to work towards gender equality in Scottish politics;

• What the SNP hope to achieve at Westminster in the next Parliament; and

• The human impact of austerity and poverty.


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Show Links:
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