Episode 3 - Ross Greer

#3: Ross Greer

In Episode 3 of apolitical we speak with Ross Greer, the Scottish Greens’ Head of Development, about his political background, what drew him to the Greens and what he hopes to achieve in politics. We discuss the development of the Scottish Greens and their future prospects along with a range of other issues.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Ross on the podcast are:

• How he became politicised and what his early motivations were;

• Tactical voting and its impact on his prospects at the 2015 General Election;

• His views on First Past the Post, Alternative Vote and other potential electoral systems;

• Developing the popular perception of the Greens as more than a single-issue Party;

• His thoughts on how important Scottish independence is to the Scottish Greens; and

• The importance of addressing economic inequality in Scotland.


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