Episode 31 - Liam Stevenson

#31: Liam Stevenson

In Episode 31 of Apolitical we speak with Liam Stevenson, a co-founder of the TIE Campaign which seeks to ensure that all schools in Scotland are offering an LGBTI+ inclusive education. We chat about how he came to be involved in the campaign; why TIE is necessary; and what lies ahead for the campaign.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Liam on the podcast are:

• The aims of the TIE campaign;

• Liam’s thoughts on the inspiration behind the campaign;

• His introduction to politics and thoughts on why TIE is important;

• Challenges faced by LGBTI+ kids on a daily basis;

• What TIE has achieved so far and their goals for the coming months;

• The inadequacy of the Scottish Government’s position on LGBTI+ issues;

• The responsibility of being seen as speaking for a community he is not a part of;


• His hopes for the future of the TIE campaign and what can be realistically achieved.


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