Season 2 Episode 8 - Holyrood Election Preview: Part 2

#39: Holyrood Election Preview – Part 2

In Episode 39 of Apolitical we welcome back Carolyn Scott, James McEnaney and Ian Dunn for more discussion of the parties contesting this year’s Scottish elections. In this episode we look at some of our preferred policies and the best-case electoral scenario for each of the parties.



Amongst the topics we discuss on the podcast are:

• Who is going to be the official opposition in the next Parliament;

• Which policies we would like to see implemented;

• What outcomes the parties can dream of before the votes are counted;

• Where some of the key battlegrounds will be;


• Our predictions for the election result.


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Show Links:

Scottish Labour Manifesto (released after recording)
Scottish Liberal Democrats Manifesto
Scottish Conservatives Manifesto
UKIP Scotland Manifesto
Scottish Communist Party Manifesto
Women’s Equality Party Manifesto
Scottish Greens Manifesto
RISE Manifesto
SNP Manifesto


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