Episode 40 - Election Reaction with Steven Purcell

#40: Election Review with Steven Purcell

In Episode 40 of Apolitical we are joined by Steven Purcell, formerly the Leader of Glasgow City Council, to discuss the outcomes from last week’s Scottish Parliament elections.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Steven on the podcast are:

• Where do Scottish Labour go from here;

• What are the causes of the Scottish Conservatives’ success;

• Should the SNP be satisfied or disappointed with the outcome of the election;

• Did the Scottish Greens have a good night or an underwhelming one;

• Where do the Liberal Democrats stand now;

• What happened to the 100,00+ people in Glasgow who voted SSP in 2003;


• What’s next for Scottish politics now the elections are over?


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Show Links:

Steven Purcell on Twitter
Scottish Conservatives
Scottish National Party
Scottish Liberal Democrats
Scottish Green Party
Scottish Labour
Glasgow City Council


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2 thoughts to “#40: Election Review with Steven Purcell”

  1. No mention of the demise of the Trade Unions and resulting loss of grass roots support, the Tony Blair effect, lack of Labour purpose, dubious foreign wars, branch office mentality and how to sterilise these elephants in the room. Equally no mention of Labour achievments; The creation of the Scottish Parliament, minimum wage, increased NHS funding etc. Keir Hardy and Donald Dewar etc must be spinning to see where it’s ended up, Just endless heads down. Oh what a great Scottish movement, wasn’t it. Sad to say, but New Labour steroids have now expired:- Trade Union Member.

  2. Is Steven Purcell is a worthy interviewee? Do the people Scotland want to know the opinions of a corrupt and shamed ex politician? Unless of course you a Labour Party supporter, and this is your way of helping him regain a foothold in Scottish politics.

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