Episode 31 - Liam Stevenson

#31: Liam Stevenson

In Episode 31 of Apolitical we speak with Liam Stevenson, a co-founder of the TIE Campaign which seeks to ensure that all schools in Scotland are offering an LGBTI+ inclusive education. We chat about how he came to be involved in the campaign; why TIE is necessary; and what lies ahead for the campaign.  

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#30: Iain Bartholomew

In Episode 30 of Apolitical we look back on 2015 and forward to the new year in a special mini-episode. If there are any guests you want to see on the show please let us know, but more importantly let them know! We’re keen to speak to people from all of the political parties and from the Scottish […]

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Episode 12 - Tommy Sheridan

#12: Tommy Sheridan

In Episode 12 of apolitical we speak with Tommy Sheridan, Co-convener of the Solidarity Party and a former MSP. We chat about his grounding in activist politics; his role in the anti-poll tax movement; Donald Dewar’s secret, last-ditch attempt to retain warrant sales; the rise and fall of socialist politics in the Scottish parliament; the fallout from […]

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Episode 11 - Terry Anderson

#11: Terry Anderson

In Episode 11 of Apolitical we speak with Terry Anderson, a cartoonist who put together The Auld Acquaintance, a referendum-themed exhibition. We chat about Terry’s political involvement; the exhibition; freedom of speech; and future prospects for Scottish political cartoonists.  

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Episode 10 - Colin Fox

#10: Colin Fox

In Episode 10 of apolitical we speak with Colin Fox, National co-spokesperson of the Scottish Socialist Party and a former MSP. We chat about his introduction to politics and activism; his disenchantment with the Scottish Labour Party; the decline in support for the SSP over the past decade; and what the future holds for the Left in Scotland. […]

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