Episode 8 - Patrick Harvie MSP

#8: Patrick Harvie MSP

In Episode 8 of apolitical we speak with Patrick Harvie MSP, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party and prospective candidate for the Glasgow Kelvin constituency in 2016’s Scottish Parliament elections. We chat about Patrick’s grounding in Green politics, his prospects in the Holyrood elections and what distinguishes the Scottish Greens from other parties of the left.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Patrick on the podcast are:

• His earliest political influences;

• The political figures that inspire him;

• Why he thinks he stands a chance of winning in Glasgow Kelvin;

• Whether the Scottish Greens are a party of socialism;

• How to distinguish between the parties on the left of Scotland’s political spectrum;

• The benefits of crowdfunding for candidates and political parties;

• Why the constitutional question remains the biggest issue in Scottish politics today; and

• What the future holds for the Scottish Green Party.


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