Season 2 Episode 4 - Naomi McAuliffe

#35: Naomi McAuliffe

In Episode 35 of Apolitical we welcome Naomi McAuliffe as our fourth guest of Season 2. Naomi is the head of Amnesty Scotland and has written for the Guardian and other publications.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Naomi on the podcast are:

• Her history in political activism;

• How the Scottish Government’s approach to Human Rights differs from the UK Government;

• Whether Amnesty Scotland has noticed or benefitted from increased political engagement in Scotland;

• The refugee crisis and what has been happening recently;

• The present situation in Calais;

• How asylum seekers are treated in Scotland;


• The UK Government’s manifesto commitment to replacing the Human Rights Act.


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Show Links:

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Amnesty Scotland
Amnesty International UK


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