Season 2 Episode 5 - Robin McAlpine

#36: Robin McAlpine

In Episode 36 of Apolitical we welcome Robin McAlpine as our fifth guest of Season 2. Robin is the Director of Common Weal and has written for a variety of publications, including Bella Caledonia and CommonSpace, on a wide range of topics.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Robin on the podcast are:

• His introduction to politics and political activism;

• His time at Westminster, working for the Labour Party;

• Losing his faith in the New Labour project;

• The independence referendum campaign and how it changed things;

• Common Weal and how it came about;

• Where power lies and how to change that;

• Progressive taxation;


• Where the independence movement stands today.


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Show Links:

Common Weal
Robin on Bella Caledonia
Robin on CommonSpace


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