Episode 25 - James McEnaney

#25: James McEnaney

In Episode 25 of Apolitical we speak with James McEnaney, an educator and writer who contributes a regular column to Common Space. We chat about diversity in the ‘Yes’ movement; the impact of Jeremy Corbyn’s election on Scottish politics; and the Scottish education system.



Amongst the topics we discuss with James on the podcast are:

• His initial introduction to politics;

• Party politics and political activism;

• His writing background and how he came to write for Common Space;

• Whether the Yes movement has remained intact since 2014’s referendum;

• The SNP dominance of pro-independence politics and whether that is a good thing;

• Divisive issues facing independence supporters;

• Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader and how that impacts on Scottish politics;


• What the biggest issues with the Scottish education system are and how to address them.


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Show Links:

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