Season 2 Episode 5 - Robin McAlpine

#36: Robin McAlpine

In Episode 36 of Apolitical we welcome Robin McAlpine as our fifth guest of Season 2. Robin is the Director of Common Weal and has written for a variety of publications, including Bella Caledonia and CommonSpace, on a wide range of topics.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Robin on the podcast are:

• His introduction to politics and political activism;

• His time at Westminster, working for the Labour Party;

• Losing his faith in the New Labour project;

• The independence referendum campaign and how it changed things;

• Common Weal and how it came about;

• Where power lies and how to change that;

• Progressive taxation;


• Where the independence movement stands today.


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Show Links:

Common Weal
Robin on Bella Caledonia
Robin on CommonSpace


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2 thoughts to “#36: Robin McAlpine”

  1. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the views expressed it is good to hear someone speak from the head and the heart, Robin’s clearly very passionate. This Podcast really does work well in respectfully allowing people time to speak. Well done.

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