Episode 28 - Jen Stout

#28: Jen Stout

In Episode 28 of Apolitical we speak with Jen Stout, a co-ordinator of the Scottish Land Action Movement. We chat about her interest in land reform, what it could mean for the people of Scotland and try to understand what constitutes a “Mugabe-style land grab”.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Jen on the podcast are:

• What the Scottish Land Action Movement is;

• Whether land reform is an issue that primarily interests the Left;

• If Land Reform and Scottish Independence are inextricably linked issues;

• Whether the SNP leadership has an appetite for genuinely radical land reform measures;

• A reflection on land reform measures implemented in Zimbabwe and how – if at all- they are reflected in proposals for Scotland;

• Whether she has sympathy for the perspective of land owners who perceive their property rights to be under threat;

• Concerns that community groups may lack the resources to maintain land and property to the same standards as private owners;

• Whether a Land Value Tax is regressive;

• How land reform could affect urban areas;


• How people interested in land reform can contribute to the debate.


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