Episode 11 - Terry Anderson

#11: Terry Anderson

In Episode 11 of Apolitical we speak with Terry Anderson, a cartoonist who put together The Auld Acquaintance, a referendum-themed exhibition. We chat about Terry’s political involvement; the exhibition; freedom of speech; and future prospects for Scottish political cartoonists.



Amongst the topics we discuss with Terry on the podcast are:

• Challenges facing cartoonists around the world;

• His The Auld Acquaintance exhibition;

• The Charlie Hebdo murders and the surrounding issues;

• Freedom of Speech and the right to offend;

• The weaponisation of cartoons; and

• The collective prospects for political cartoonists in Scotland.


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Show Links:

Terry Anderson’s website
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The Auld Acquaintance exhibition
See The Auld Acquaintance in 2015
Scottish Cartoon Art Studio
Scottish Artists Union
Cartoonist Rights Network International
Charlie Hebdo

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